Sunday, 22 February 2009

Warning - bad language

I try, I really do try.
It usually ends up with a few weeks of suppressed frustration flowing out in sobs, wails and a few flying plates. I ask them, nicely, please help me, with anything. A bit of washing up, the odd bit of hoovering, a quick tidy round, stick a load in the washing machine, it isn't difficult, empty the tumble dryer, have a quick dust, pop up and stick a few bob on the gas, go get a bit of shopping, maybe cook a dinner, anything, any one of the above would make my life just that little bit easier. usually after an outburst they are shocked in to helping, for 24 hours maximum, then it's back to the way things were. It's been like this for years. I vow to myself to leave it, let it turn in to a pig sty, why should I care, but I do care, I can't live in a mess, I like to be proud of my home, not ashamed. But I just can't keep up with, not whilst holding down two jobs.
The questions that make me blow are:
I don't seem to have any clean socks
the reply I give for a quiet life:
I'll get some washing on
the reply I'd like to give:
Well go stick the fucking washing machine on then
Where is that letter, I left it here, what have you done with it?
The reply I give for a quiet life:
I don't know lovey, let me look for it
the reply I'd like to give:
you left it lying around so I threw the fucking thing away
There's nothing to eat
the reply I give for a quiet life:
Let me just finish this transcript and I'll nip up shops and get some food
the reply I'd like to give:
Well get off your lazy fat fucking arses and go buy some food
Mother in law comes up and sees the washing up piled in the kitchen and makes the following suggestion:
I find it easier to wash up, dry up and put away as I go along, it's easier to keep the draining board clear then
the answer I give for a quiet life:
Yes, I will try and do that
The answer I'd like to give:
I'd find it easier if you trained your son to learn how to fucking wash and dry up for me once in a while (oh how I'd loooove to use that one)
Father in law's comments concerning my elderly cats keep having accidents on the floor, next to the litter tray:
Maybe two litter trays would help, and constant cleaning them out even if they only wee
the reply I give for a quiet life:
Yes, I'll pop out and buy another one after I've finished this transcript and before I go to sainsburys to work
the reply I'd like to give:
Maybe having the fucking cats put to sleep so that I didn't have to constantly clear up mountains of cat shit day after day because your son keeps putting pots over them and waiting me for me to finish an 8 hour shift at work to come home and clear it up cos it makes him retch, it isn't something that has me singing for joy either!
*note* I love my cats and in no way would ever have them put to sleep

And so it goes on, me saying nothing for months, then blowing my top, everything changing for a day or two then back to square one. Welcome to my world.

my mum's answer ... well tell them how you feel! doh!
Mother in law's answer .... bless him!
Martin's answer .... I'll do it in a minute
Keith's answer .... I did the washing up last week!
my answer ... fuck off the lot of you


Mr Brainwhispers said...

I am lazy. It takes aaages for me to do any tidying, but then it is only me here and if anyone is coming round then I do do a mad panic tidy up.

I don't think its right that they leave it all for you though.
My mum had a rota so we all knew we had things to do every day. Washing in the evenings, cleaning on Sunday mornings etc. I would wash up one week then my brother the next.

It was like being in the army. Dad would wake us up at 5am for 20 pushups and a 5 mile run too.

ok maybe not :o)

sparkx said...

I wouldn't mind if I didn't work, I wouldn't mind playing housewife at all, I'm not playing the martyr but I just can't cope with it all, well I don't cope, too well.

LYN said...




Terry said...

I know you dont mean it about the cats. Sometimes we say things we dont mean when we are venting.

I know how you feel.

You would think my 28 year daughter would thank me for throwing her laundry in with mine every week (not to mention her 4 childrens clothes), but instead she complains when something she wants isnt clean. I sometimes feel like i'm raising 5 kids,my
four grandchildren and my adult daughter!

I think they are just so use to us doing everything that they take us just a little bit for granted.

~Terry Ü

jettajade said...

Hi Lynn,,,, im a friend of Ada's and i stumbled across your blog last night. I found it very interesting and would like to continue reading. Is that ok with you? We seem to have alot in common and would like to share blogs. let me know JJ

Vampire Jack said...

Hi Lynbo, I know how you feel, right now I am doing my best to keep my family together but sometimes I just wish I was single again then i'd only have myself and Jack to clean up after instead of cleaning up behind someone who works part time then expects me to come home after a full time job to clean behind her.

Eileen said...

Sounds like our house! Eileen x