Saturday, 21 February 2009


I got up this morning, slumbered downstairs, made a cuppa, walked in to the lounge and the cat's food bowl is half way across the lounge. How? It's seriously bugging me. The bowls are near a wall, so even if the cat nudged it whilst eating it would simply be nudged further agaisnt the wall, why on earth is it sitting in the middle of my lounge. This will perplex me for the rest of my life. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It's a beautiful day today, I ran out of gas last night but haven't needed to put some on the card yet because I'm actually nice and warm, does this mean spring is in the air? Yippeeeee.

My friend Gems was everso good to me last night, she comes online and she gets me ranting on for aaages n aages about the things I have been dwellin g on lately, woe is me stories, and she is so patient and understanding bless her, she really is. She probably only popped on to read her emails and say a quick hello and she ends up getting me blerting on about how old I feel, how I feel my life is over, how I just don't have time to do anything, how the days blur in to one nothingness. She is very wise my Gems, she gave me good advice, of which I pondered on last night. I am going to take heed of her advice and make a few changes, they are probably life changing, well they will have to be life changing, says Gems, or I won't stop moaning. Thank you Gems for being my friend. I luff you I do.

I am going to put an 'I love you I do' note on everybody's journal I read and everyone who for some reason or t'other means something to me, because at the moment (yes Gems, just at this moment in time) I don't have time to comment on all the journals I read, and I do read lots, every morning, all those that are updated in my Google reader. So off I go ....

I am actually surprised that in one of our towns, Sevenoaks, the BNP party have actually gained a second council seat in Sevenoaks. I have a feeling that a lot of people, including myself, are unsure of the BNP, we kind of understand their British values but they do seema bit scary. I mean of course I'm not racist, but I do have a strong belief that immigration is draining this country, especially illegal immigration, and the NHS has become kind of third world, and there are many of their values that I 100% agree with. I reckon now they are gradually winning seats more and more people will come out of the closet and vote for them. I don't understand them enough to have the courage to give them my vote just yet, I mean I have a wart on my hand, they might have a policy somewhere that might state I am a witch and I must be burned at the stake. But I think this does signal that the UK is a little fed up, and believe that something drastic has to be done, fast, and I don't think you'd get more drastic than the BNP.


Terry said...

"I Love You I Do"

~Terry Ü

LYN said...

ahh that explains your comment on my blog then..I was gonna blame in on the baileys....;-)

Sara said...

Your cat is playing with you!

I'm glad that you have your friend Gems to talk to m'dear, we all need a little help getting things into perspective from time to time. Mr B does that for me :o)

Keep smiling lovely.
Oh, and 'I love you I do' :o)

Amy said...

My cat does the same thing. They lay awake all night thinking up ways to perplex us, you know.

Mr Brainwhispers said...

Sara wrote "Mr B does that for me :o)"

Oh yes! Yes I do :o) Snigger