Monday, 23 February 2009

I'm sorry about the swearing, I don't feel any different today, so I'll put ditto for today's entry, but without the swearing, it was all rather unecessary don't you think!
I found an old hairpeice I had, one of those long kind of ponytail attachment things, I stuck it on my head yesterday, and not one person noticed, oh, apart from Jack, who said I bore a striking resemblence to Beyonce .... *ahem
I'm off to Sainsburys for a short sharp shift, then I'm coming home to put my feet up for the day
have a nice day

Oh dear, my Jolson has gone completely missing. Do you think maybe he read my blog? I didn't mean it. I wouldn't want him put to sleep, it's just all the poos you see. I shut him out last night, with his food, alongside Georgie. I thought it would do them good now it's not so cold, and save me not having to clean the litter tray first thing. But he's gawn. Georgie was there. I have called and called and called, and I've just come in from work and there's no sign. Jolson never strays far from the back door, let alone go out of the garden. I am worried now. I love my Jolson. Come back Jolson.