Thursday, 19 February 2009


I work with a young lad, he has a twin brother, 18 they are. His twin brother was severly beaten up and mugged on Tuesday night in Folkestone. Some girl asked him for a cigarette, and then 3 blokes set upon him. Martin was mugged in the same area a year or so ago, remember, when he was kicked in the back, kicked to floor, and mugged! Everyone knows the scum that are doing these attacks, but are all too scared to tell. Well I told, last year, I had the community police officer round, I was sick and tired of it, she really was helpless to do anything unless I personally took them to court. It's all so helpless. The poor lad was half beaten to death, as Martin was at Christmas, and the police, as per usual, didn't do anything.

I don't know if I mentioned that Martin dropped his charges, he was, well let's say being 'pressurised' Unbeknown to me Martin had been trying to get in touch with Victim Support, he tried three times over a few days, and there was no answer.

I take it back about his relationship, for the moment, it's all quite lovely.

I have neglected my children this past couple of weeks, so I brought lots of fruit to make up for it, two bowls full in fact, as long as I buy them fruit I am being a good mum, right?


Amy said...

That is so sad...I feel so badly for you! It must be so frustrating....

Fruit....well....what kind of fruit? If it's strawberries, then you are awesome! :)

Delores Getmeslippers said...

You are a fruity good Mum. I am shocked by the negative experience you are having with the police etc. I think you should write to the newspapers about Victim Support.

Vampire Jack said...

I'm not surprised, a burglar alarm started going off in my street, the house was in complete darkness so i called the police in case they could catch someonbe breaking in...they asked ME to go and have a look around the back of the house as they 'don't respond to burglar alarms' wonder people like me are looking to get out of the hellhole of a country

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

Fruit is a beautiful gift.

shame about the victim support.