Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The weather

Don't bother with weather forecasts, I have found this little chunk of website invaluable over the last couple of months. It's a satelite image of the next few hours, so is it gonna rain? Just take a look on here ...

I've been getting meself all angry again today, when you buy an electrical appliance, like I have just paid out a few hundred for a washing machine, why do they offer you an extra five years warranty for something like £10 a month? The more I think about that the more uptight I get. If you're paying that sort of money you'd expect it work for at least the first five years, and if it doesn't then how the hell can they justify charging that sort of money for a heap of junk that stands the chance of breaking? It should be free warranty for five years, it's criminal, it really is, just like the TV licence, what is it now, 140 quid? I don't even watch the BBC, it is forced upon me, take it away, I'm quite happy with my other 54 digital channels, I don't want to pay 140 quid to have the BBC. It's like going in to a supermarket and on your way out once a month stuffing a bag of food in your trolley that you hate and would nevr eat, and charging you £10 for them.

grump over.

Martin passed his theory, first time, he is now on the way to taking his driving test. He had his 21st last week, and I felt instantly ten years older. I was picking out the grey, I had 8 more.


Delores Getmeslippers said...

Congrats Martin. You don't have to buy the extra insurance on electrical appliances. They are guaranteed for a year usually. I never fork out extra for insurance. If you have been asked to pay £10 a month you are being swindled. You can cancel the insurance if you have taken it out. Tell me you haven't taken it out...PLEASE.

sparkx said...

nooo, I didn't take it out, but that's my point, we shouldn't have to, if they can't guarantee their appliance will last at least 5 years then they shouldn't be charging hundreds of pounds for it. We shouldn't have to pay the extra per month in case it breaks. It shouldn't break, full stop. eh! x

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Oh yeh!

Eileen said...

Couldn't agree more, my washing machine packed up today and blew all the lights out with it! It is just 5 years old and has already had a pump repair (£80)and cost me almost £500!!!!!!!!!! Bosch (spit, spit) Thought I was buying German engineering. Eileen x

Terry said...

Ugh. Washing machines. I think i need a new one. I have to run mine thru the spin cycle twice just to get it all wrung out. I dont even want to think about buying another one!

I remember when my daughter was fist learning how to drive. I took her out on the interstate and as we were getting on the highway she started to excelerate and it freaked me out! I made her pull the car over and i drove the car to the next exit and told her her father was going to have to teach her how to drive the interstate. I think that may have been the beginning of my fear of the highways. Children driving very fast on the roads! Eeek!!

My granddaughter noticed a few strands of gray in my hair. She said "here grandma, let me get those for you" and she pulled them out! Ouch! There is an old wives tale that says for every gray hair you pluck out two more grow in. Lets hope that doesnt happen!

~Terry Ü