Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My eyes hurt and I can't breathe proper

Keith was given a whole new set of hi-vis today, trousers, tops, jackets, everything, he has been trying them on to see if they fit, and now my eyes hurt. Seriously.

here's a quick in short run down of the last few months of my life:

mum, annoying, had pre diabetes tests, low or high blood sugar or something, reuslts, next week

Sainsbury's, oh yes, gossip galore, they're all leaving, no one stays, it's ok though, I like it, I get cheap food from staff canteen, I dont care it's out of date

Still doing transcript work, keeps my brain in check

jolson and georgie are still with us, george has strange lump wart on side of eye, jolson likes to poop in the corner after being shut out all night. He saves it for me, he gives me 'evil eye'

Martin sold his bike, he could ride it no more, a certain gang kept hijacking it, he is still having lessons, test is iminent

I quit the cigs, and I smell and taste everything too much. Smells are strong. Withdrawels have included yawning lots, feeling jittery, not sleeping, headache, nausea, breathing funny and odd happnings. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon, it's only been 2d 20h and 23m.

Oh yes, I discovered that martin and I share a strange weird and wonderful phenomenon, it involves seeing faces behind closed eyes. I have had it for a few years, and have only told a few people of my experiences, those who I am sure will not have me locked up in the loony bin. I found out a couple of weeks ago, by pure chance, during some random conevrsation with him, that Martin gets exactly the same thing. After a bit of research on t'internet it does seem it is a known but unexplained phenomenom. I don't know who these people are, but Martin and I see them.

I have grey hairs

I bought MJ tickets, 4 of them, on impulse, I sold them on eBay, who then froze my account, which led to Paypal freezing my account, which led to me having to refund the buyer, which led to me probably being the only person in the world who can sell something on ebay and make a loss, I still had to pay eBay fees for the sale. (incidently after a trillion phone calls to abuwango fandango I was refunded, I threatened stuff)

Nobody wants to play the things to do when bored game with me! (Eileen, I received no response from Waddingtons)

I think that's all fer now x


Anonymous said...

Blimey you did an entry!

Diabetes?! My Nan is diabetic. She can't eat cake or chocolates. She does though :o)

Is Martin going for his car test or bike test?

I dont see faces when I close my eys, I see whole people. Not clearly, but shapes, moving around and sitting. As if I'm looking through some thick material into a restuarant or bar.
Years ago I thought maybe I was "remote viewing" and that the CIA might want to use me. Now I just think its something to do with the blood in my eyelids.

Maybe I am just crazy.

sparkx said...

Martin will be going for his car test, he has £1,000 for a car.
We looked in to remote viewing, but this doesn't seem to be what we are experiencing. I think it is a paranormal phenomenon, as the faces we see are crystal clear, and come without any provocation of thought, if you know what I mean, the more you don't think, the faster they come.
If you have a simialr thing, then I don't need to explain :)

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

Sounds like a lot going on and very good reasons to NOT blog. So glad you did.

Crossing fingers things will be on the up side soon.

Terry said...

Busy busy girl! I hope you're still hanging in there with the no cigarette smoking.

~Terry Ü

Eileen said...

Hi Lynbo
Hope you are ok, getting worried as you haven't posted in a while.
Eileen x